Grow Haiti’s Children

During these past few years we have very busy in helping Our Lady of Perpetual Help Orphanage in Jeremie, Haiti and have seen many blessings come to the orphanage and its children because of our parishioners’ generosity. We want to thank everyone who has helped to donate to our Haiti outreach. With your support we have been able to improve the lives of the children.

Bunk Beds
One of the first projects funded by Grow Haiti’s Children was the building of bunk beds for the 70 children, some of whom had been sharing mattresses placed on the floor.
Girls’ Dormitory
In the girls’ dormitory, walls and floors were finished and mosquito netting was added to the windows to enable the girls to live in a safe/healthy environment.
Girls’ Bathroom
To the left is an example of the restroom in the girls’ dormitory. The picture on the right shows the renovations afterwards - the bathrooms have been tiled and the toilets were raised to an acceptable height.
Boys’ Dining Hall
Over the past year, work has been done to renovate the boys’ dining room. A year ago, the room was unpainted cinderblock and the boys had to eat in shifts.
Sewing Machines
Special donations were received for the purchase of 3 treadle sewing machines, which the older girls of the orphanage have learned to operate. In the past the orphanage has paid someone to sew the school uniforms. Last year, the older girls were able to sew the girls’ uniforms.

Grow Haiti’s Children
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October 2019