Oliver and Diana are unforgettable and adorable twins who are the age of 7. They have been at the orphanage since they were 9 months old. They are from a small village that is a 2 hour drive from Jeremie.


The twin’s parents were farmers with a large family of 11 children. At the age of 9 months, their mother was found collapsed in their home after returning from the village market center. The cause of her death was due to malnutrition. Their father tried to take care of the family while continuing to work the land; however, the twins were infants and he could not properly look after all their needs. Neighbors noticed the small twins were on their own much of the day and had become very ill. Their older brothers and sisters tried to take care of them, but they themselves were very young.


The neighbors informed Oliver and Olivee’s father about Grow Haiti’s Children and the possibility of healthcare and education the twins would receive. For him, it was difficult leaving them in a town where they would be far, but he knew they would have a better chance of surviving if they received the healthcare he could not afford.


After the first year at the orphanage, their father returned to visit at Christmas, where he wept at the sight of his healthy, thriving young children. He continues to visit them with his other children, and is thankful for their being looked after and healthy. He has asked they be kept at the orphanage; so they might receive the education and care he is not able to afford.