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Walking hand in hand with Haiti’s children.

Like family, the welfare, development, and education of our children come first.

Our Organization

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Orphanage has been serving children in Jeremie, Haiti since 2004. What started a shelter for 35 children has grown into an orphanage and family reunification center, housing, feeding, and educating over 70 children, ages 3-19, year-round.

Like family, the welfare, development, and education of our children come first. Through partnering with Grow Haiti’s Children, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Orphanage has ensured our children have a safe and loving home. The children cook together, clean together, learn together and play together. The joy overflowing from each of them is contagious. Everyone from their caretakers to their Arizona family loves watching them grow. Our familial bonds stretch beyond our borders.

We prioritize education by providing each of our children with a K-12 education and trade skills. And, for the first time, sending our graduates on to University. When children arrive in our orphanage, regardless of their age, we begin their education at the level at which they left school. We are privileged with the opportunity to place them in first grade, and build their foundation from the ground up! We supply each child with their own books, uniform, tuition, backpacks, and school supplies.

The children at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Orphanage have become like family to our donors and sponsors. We visit often, send letters, recall stories of our time together and watch the children grow into adulthood. They have become a part of Arizona, as much as we have become a part of them. By partnering together to provide for the needs of our children, we are able to bring care and stability to each child we are entrusted with.

A Day In The Life

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How We Came To Be

In late 2009, Karen Kohl walked into the office of Reverend John Coleman at St. Andrew the Apostle Church and asked if the parish would be interested in supporting Our Lady of Perpetual Help Orphanage in Jeremie, Haiti. They were in need of monthly food assistance for the 35 children living there.

More than willing to oblige, Reverend Coleman took it before his parishioners and a good faith offering met the needs of the children. Moved by this unique ministry and ready to take action, a few members stepped forward to learn more. Thus, the Haiti outreach ministry now called Grow Haiti’s Children was formed.

In November 2009, a group of parishioners from St. Andrew the Apostle traveled to Haiti to make their first visit to the orphanage. They instantly fell in love with the children and became bonded as a family.

In January 2010, Haiti was devastated by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. From the devastation, transport of food and fuel from Port Au Prince to Jeremie was brought to a halt, and the orphanage saw the number of children increase to 60. With nowhere else to turn, St. Andrew’s Parish rallied together in support of the orphanage with expanded support to include education and living expenses for the children.


In October 2012, hurricane Sandy struck Haiti and Our Lady of Perpetual Help Orphanage once again saw an increase in the number of children. Today, the orphanage is home to approximately 70 children who rely on Grow Haiti’s Children for food, clothing, and school tuition.

As the needs of the orphanage increased over the years, it became apparent that Grow Haiti’s Children needed to grow as well. In December 2015, the organization officially became a 501(c)3 organization with an independent Board of Directors to facilitate the needs of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Orphanage and aid the children.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Orphanage

  • Founder: Father Garry Pierre Louis
  • Orphanage Director: Madame Dilene Jacques
  • Location: Jeremie, Haiti
  • Number of children: 74
  • Ages of the children: 3-19
  • Education levels: Kindergarten-12th grade
  • Number of locations: 2

Our Team

Make An Impact

Your generosity has forever changed the lives of the children of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Orphanage. Because of you, they have a safe place to sleep, food to eat, clean clothes on their backs, an education to elevate them, and a place to call home.

Each child has a past. And with your generosity, a future. Every gift makes a tremendous impact and allows our team to provide for the needs of those entrusted to our care. Today, we ask you to prayerfully consider making your one-time contribution a recurring monthly gift. By partnering with us through a recurring monthly gift, you are securing the livelihood of the orphanage and the care we are able to provide to each child.

For the cost of a tank of gas, or dinner and a movie, you can single-handedly fund an entire month’s worth of food, shelter, clothes, books, school supplies, or education for one child. just $75. Through your partnership with Grow Haiti’s Children, you will have the incredible opportunity to build a relationship with the children, receive updates about their progress and growth, and share in their milestones and achievements. The relationship you build with each child is potentially just as impactful as the life-changing opportunity your contribution is providing for each of them.

We are excited to announce that we have more opportunities to partner with schools, organizations, and corporations than ever before! We can now accept sponsorships, contribution matching, and pledge drives from philanthropic corporations like Honeywell, to organizations such as The Boy Scouts of America, and all public and private schools.

Our mission to elevate and educate the children of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Orphanage has given us this tremendous opportunity. To learn more about how you can partner with Grow Haiti’s Children, click here now.

Be The Change

For the cost of a tank of gas, $75, you can have a life-changing impact on the life of a child by providing a month’s worth of food, shelter, clothes, books, school supplies, and education.

Who We Are

We of Grow Haiti’s Children join with others to walk in solidarity with Haitian children, recognizing them as family, promoting their dignity, and encouraging their self-determination.

Through our presence, collaboration, education for justice in Haiti and the United States, and the channeling of resources and talents, we commit ourselves to empowering the children of Haiti to realize their full potential.

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